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About Us

ACCELERATE, Wentworth Innovation + Entrepreneurship Center was conceived as a logical extension of Wentworth’s already existing strengths and disciplines to drive thought partnerships, interdisciplinary engagement, and out-of-the-box ideas among students, alumni, industry, and the Boston community.

Launched within only four weeks in May 2012, to date over 5,492 participants have engaged in our programs.

Today, ACCELERATE has proven to be an added value proposition to our students. A catalyst to push their passion- regardless if students decide to start their own venture, work in a startup, or become intrapreneurs for an established company- the experiences gained through ACCELERATE will position them for the future.

Click here to see how we’ve grown in the past four years.

ACCELERATE builds innovative thinking and entrepreneurial confidence through rigor and instinct, impacting students’ career choices and success.

This extra-curricular experience allows students to develop and practice the following competencies for an ever changing work environment and to stand out with exceptional dedication and drive:

Empathy: understand and act on individual, community and industry needs and wants.
Inspiration: formulate strong conceptual thinking to create, iterate and collaborate effectively.
Discovery: acquire new knowledge and resources, focus and diverge content to build capacity.
Resilience: essential for failure, risk-taking and adaptability.
Presence: gain confidence through networking and public pitch rounds.

Students participating in ACCELERATE receive mentoring from 100+ alumni and professionals and have made 150+ connections allowing them to grow and push their ideas forward. To date, 64 teams have been funded for a total of $279,050.


  • Submit Your Idea
  • Support ACCELERATE by becoming an ambassador, spreading the word to your network, conducting a workshop for us, volunteering as a mentor, or providing financial resources to help our programs sustain and grow to impact more students.


Willson Hall, 2nd Floor
550 Huntington Ave.
Boston , MA 02115
(617) 989 – 4583





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