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Accelerate is looking for students who are interested in bringing their superpowers to the table in connecting their talents to the on-campus community as we move into our new home in the CEIS building for 2019. Ready to work with us now or have other ideas for ways that you could contribute to our team? We would love to hear from you today at 

Accelerate Co-Op

  • Coaches teams
  • Handles marketing (designs flyers, prints, distributes, designs slides for digital displays)
  • Manages events (setup, cleanup, running, etc)
  • Keep space clean
  • Updates physical and web calendar


  • Writes articles for BostInno channel for major events (publications every 2 weeks)
  • Write articles for Venture Fizz (Team profiles)
  • Handles social media when Social media lead is not available
  • Creates newsletter twice a semester on MailChimp
  • Creates content for radio show
  • Assist with events team


  • Designs and executes campus footprint once a month
  • Designs and executes installations for major events (hotseat, kickstart, pitchround, etc)
  • Designs and executes window installations (MakerSpace window and Quad window)
  • Designs and creates things for the Accelerate Space (eg. innovative designs on the stairs to encourage the innovative spirit)
  • Assist with events team

Advertising Lead

  • Flyers every corkboard on campus
  • Creates sidewalk chalk promotions for events
  • Puts up and removes table stands with event cards
  • Generates creative ways to advertise Accelerate events
  • Assist with events team

Event Lead

  • Sets up room before an event according to event needs
  • Cleans up the room(s) after event is over
  • Ensures event runs on time (eg. during PitchRound, event lead is actively lining up teams, keeping them “on deck”, watching food, making sure there are enough chairs and supplies, etc).
  • Gather appropriate materials according to event (eg. HotSeat: coordinates collection and organization of posters; PitchRound: coordinates collections and organization of Business Plans and presentations)
  • Distributes and collects feedback surveys after event is over, uploads and analyzes findings to drive. Then coordinates prize award with winner of survey raffle.
  • Runs focus groups with randomly selected individuals periodically

MakerSpace Lead

  • Keep MakerSpace clean and organized at all times
  • Is present when funded teams wish to use equipment
  • Gives training to newly funded teams on space use, equipment, and safety
  • Keeps track of keys to space and drawers
  • Visit other MakerSpaces in the area to compile ideas for our space
  • Compiles list of items needed for purchase for space

Program Scout

  • Attends external events to source contacts for Accelerate.
  • Spread Accelerates presence around the Boston ecosystem
  • Networks on behalf of Accelerate
  • Keeps note of events attended
  • Builds relationships with potential speakers/collaborators
  • Assist with events team.

Student Coach

  • Must attend coaches’ training early in the semester
  • Meets designated teams once a week to get updates and guide teams
  • Writes updates on each team and uploads them to “Accelerate Teams Updates” folder
  • Serves as liasion between Accelerate and teams – notifies teams of important events, keep them up to date on what would be particularly helpful for them to attend (internal and external)

Social Media Lead

  • During events, Tweets out content from event (esp pictures)
  • Outside of events, keeps up activity on Twitter and FB.
  • Schedules tweets on Hootsuite
  • Schedules content on FB page
  • Assist with events team.


  • Regularly updates website as needed (A. Talk, calendar, staff pages, content, etc)
  • Further organizes website
  • Assist with events team.


  • Available for photographing events in the evenings
  • Complete preliminary review of photographs to make sure they’re appropriate for upload.
  • Provide photographs of events within 24 hrs of the event happening.

Maker Space Tech

  • Monitor the Maker Space to make sure students are using equipment in a safe manner
  • Provide consultation to funded and new teams on projects
  • Assist teams with prototyping questions
  • Assist events team

Accelerate is also looking to partner with entrepreneurs and innovators from the Boston community and beyond, who can provide knowledge, valuable insights, lessons learned, advice and guidance to our student teams participating in the Accelerate challenge.

There are a couple of options to get involved:

Workshop Leader

We are currently identifying individuals interested to deliver a 60 minute interactive workshop with a 30 minute Q&A session to our students. The topics should circle around entrepreneurial DNA, receiving funding, business plan creation, business development, refining elevator pitches, and anything else important to know when starting up your own business.

Laser Mentor

Come in for one hour or more to meet with one or multiple teams about their startup idea. Give them targeted guidance and share your experience and insights.

Tour Guide

If you are working in a startup environment and you would like our students to breath in the entrepreneurial spirit and show them how starting up a business looks like, then we would be thrilled to tour your space and meet your people.


We are offering fellowships to students interested in spending their co-op experience in Accelerate and pushing their ideas even more intensive over a short period of time. Let us know, if you consider sponsoring one of our fellows.

Still interested? Connect with us at

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