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Uncover the Possibilities of Making a Difference

Accelerate is looking to partner with entrepreneurs and innovators from the Boston community and beyond, who can provide knowledge, valuable insights, lessons learned, advice and guidance to our student teams participating in the Accelerate challenge.

There are a couple of options to get involved:

Workshop Leader
We are currently identifying individuals interested to deliver a 60 minute interactive workshop with a 30 minute Q&A session to our students. The topics should circle around entrepreneurial DNA, receiving funding, business plan creation, business development, refining elevator pitches, and anything else important to know when starting up your own business.

Laser Mentor
Come in for one hour or more to meet with one or multiple teams about their startup idea. Give them targeted guidance and share your experience and insights.

Tour Guide
If you are working in a startup environment and you would like our students to breath in the entrepreneurial spirit and show them how starting up a business looks like, then we would be thrilled to tour your space and meet your people.

We are offering fellowships to students interested in spending their co-op experience in Accelerate and pushing their ideas even more intensive over a short period of time. Let us know, if you consider sponsoring one of our fellows.

Still interested? Connect with us at

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