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Over 100 students attended Accelerate’s Kickstart event on September 18th. Kickstart is a networking and team building event and part of the Startup Challenge. Students share their ideas to get feedback or spark interest in others to join their team and collectively create something great. At this year’s Kickstart, ideas ranged from noise detection systems and motorcycle sensors all the way to helping elderly patients take their medication properly and a new social media application for investors.

Throughout the night, Accelerate’s “Idea Wall” gathered a lot of traffic. The “Idea Wall” is where students write down the ideas they want to pursue. The wall also allows a space for students to pitch themselves as desirable team members through the skills they can provide. Trey Pierce, BELM ’23 exclaimed, “No idea is a bad idea, and no skill is worthless. What you have to offer is useful to someone, no matter what”. More than 70 students contributed their ideas or skills to the constantly growing wall.

Kickstart concluded with the popular soapbox pitches. This is a time where anybody willing to share an idea was given one minute to make a pitch to the entire crowd. Most would detail their idea and then use the rest of the time to recruit team members with the specific skills they desired. Sage Williams, BBME ’21 observed, “There was no shortage of inspiration and innovation, as was evident by the overflowing idea wall and numerous soapbox pitches, where one aspiring entrepreneur put themselves in the spotlight to receive support from a multitude of others”. For most, this was their first time publicly pitching to an audience.

As Wentworth’s Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center, Accelerate allows students to turn their ideas into a reality. Accelerate provides a wonderful space full of resources, from sewing machines to a full functional woodshop, 3D printers and laser cutters, for all students from every discipline to enjoy!

-Written by Brandon Black, BSM ’20

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