When it comes to securing funding, the possibilities can be overwhelming. Tetyana Astashkina, Strategic Partner at b-to-v Partners AG, came to the Accelerate space on Wednesday to simplify the process and explain in detail what kind of option is best for what kind of business.  

Astashkina started off the presentation by laying a foundation of what types of funding are available from bootstrapping, to crowdfunding to private equity, and everything in between. She highlighted a few successful resources students can use to generate interest in and capital for their young businesses. She reminded the group that crowdfunding can often be used as a complement to other types of funding.

With years of experience working with investors and in the venture capital space, there was no better person to present at Accelerate on this topic. Astashkina dove deep into exactly what an Angel Investor is and what a Venture Capital firm can do for young startups. Participants were interested in learning more about how to find the right investor and the one piece of advice that kept coming up was “do your research.”

“Read their blogs, follow them on Twitter, listen to their podcasts, study their portfolios. Find out what interests them and if they will be a right fit for you and what you need,” she said.

Many VC firms specialize in one area over another and making sure you connect with the right person, at the right one, can make all the difference. Astashkina shared examples of which VC firms work in which areas and she also laid out how to make the best presentation. At the end of the day, it’s all about making a connection, it’s who you know and a personal reference from someone who has already received funding, is your best way to get in and make your case for investment.

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