Beat Grid
Derek Chaplin (BCOS ’17),Walker Zack Mason (BCOS ’17) Diego Pirates (BCOS ’17) Jordan Williams (BELM ‘18)
A rhythm game using a button-grid MIDI device with capabilities to produce music and create a fun gaming experience.


Boston Aerial Systems
James Boyle (BSME ‘17) Ryan Cataldo (BSEN ‘17) Greg Frasco (BCOS ‘16) Joe Gilardi (BSEN ‘17) Josh Willis (BSEN ‘17)
Boston Aerial Systems is committed to developing a system for ease, capability, and ruggedness of buying and operating consumer oriented multi-rotors.

Daniel Carnazza (BBME ‘18) Garrett Guilmett (BSME ’18) Taylor Pratt (BSME ‘18) Jared Talamini (BELM ‘19) Kenzo Wong (BCOS ‘18)
A mobile drone used as a tool for emergency responders to access live aerial thermal imaging and emergency payload delivery in search and rescue as well as forest fire prevention.

College Schedule Builder
Jake Harrington (BCOS ’17), Dominic Laudate (BCOS ’17), Matt Garofola (BCOS ’17) Jordan Carter (BSCO ’17)
A mobile and desktop based application producing multiple class schedules to meet individual student needs.


Maarouf Barry (BSBM ’19), CJ Favazza (BSME ’19) Christopher Birch (BSME ’18) Christopher Brolly (Applied Mathematics ’20) Julio Figueroa (BSEE ’20)
A modular concrete casting machine producing complex shapes and curves in the construction industry and beyond

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