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Get Closer to Reality!

Accelerate workshops and events are intended to help students to push their ideas as far as they can go regardless if they are officially part of ACCELERATE or if they are simply exploring their options.

Some of the resources below are useful in moving ideas to the next level, but also to prepare for the PitchRound. These documents are utilized in conjunction with office hours and one-on-one mentoring.

Business Plan Roadmap
A great guide of elements to consider and write down as you pursue your idea and create your business plan (required for the PitchRound).

Accelerate Talk Archive
Missed an event? Take a look at some of our previous talks here!

HOTSEAT Requirements
What you will need in order to participate in HotSeat

Pitch Guide
Pitching an idea is easy. Pitching an idea well requires a bit more work. This Pitch Guide is a great place to start with what to consider when pitching your idea.

Post-it®  Plus App
Turn your Post-it sessions into a digital format to share with your group! Great for documenting your Design Thinking sessions. (for Apple devices only)

POP: Simple App Prototyper
POP Makes it easy to dive in and start your app prototype right away. Tons of features to build your prototype the way you want, including import tools, links, and transitions.

Request for Fund Advance Form
Use this form to request funds in order to make a purchase.

Request for Fund Reimbursement Form
Use this form to request a reimbursement for a purchase that has been made.

Sketch App
Sketch is an excellent tool to help you design application prototypes. It has a host of features including the ability to create icons for your application. Try it free for 30 days. Available exclusively on Mac.

SWOT Analysis
Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats – Analyzing these factors is an important part of planning the strategy around your business.

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