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HOT SEAT Requirements

HOT SEAT is an opportunity for Accelerate Startup Challenge teams to share their early stage startup ideas, some for the first time, to the greater Boston community. Each semester, Accelerate invites industry experts, mentors, business professionals, faculties and students from all around to help stress test YOUR ideas!



Please email all information to with the subject: [Team Name – Hot Seat requirements]

  1. Company or Product Name
  2. One sentence description of your company or idea
    • ex) BARS – A simple and portable product to help rehabilitate those with diminished walking abilities.
  3. Updated Team Information
    • First and Last name
    • Major
    • Graduation year
    • Email Address
  4. Company or Product Logo
    • Hi-res PDF or PNG format
    • File name format: Logo_TeamName
  5. 24″x36″ Poster
    (If you need examples of past poster designs, please stop by the Accelerate space)

    • Hi-Res PDF
    • Landscape or Portrait is fine
    • File name format: Poster_TeamName

Relax. Whether you’re still figuring out your startup or looking to gain more feedback to move your startup idea forward, the Hot Seat is a casual, low stress event. Teams will be situated around the room next to their posters while guest walk around and talk to teams. 


Practice your 30 sec elevator pitch. This should include what the problem you are trying to solve for, what is being done currently, and how your startup aims to fix it.

Body language is critical when you are having a conversation with new people – look them in the eye and don’t be afraid to let them know if you don’t have all of the answers to their questions. Honesty is always best policy.

Dress appropriately. Business casual is recommended. (but… say you are working on a summer camp registration system startup, standing out by dressing like a camp councilor is also appropriate :-))

Bring a notepad and take notes! Remember, you may be sharing your idea to someone who might not know anything about the topic. If they are unclear of what you are trying to do or accomplish, you might need to adjust your pitch! These interactions will give you the opportunity to modify your pitch for future conversations and help get your idea across to a larger audience!


If you need any assistance with a logo design, coming up with a company name, or putting your poster together, please reach out to Tory Lam at

CEIS Building, 1st Floor
555 Parker  Street.
Boston, MA 02115
(617) 989 – 4583

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