I’ll never forget my initial tour of Wentworth and visiting the Accelerate workspace for the first time. All it took was one meeting with the Accelerate students and staff for me to immediately realize that Wentworth was the place for me! During my freshman year, I was fortunate enough to participate in my first Accelerate PitchRound where my team was successfully funded for the Fall 2017 semester. Although the idea of pitching an idea in front of a panel of judges initially felt overwhelming, the coaches took me in, critiqued my team’s pitch, and provided me with the confidence to overcome my fears and have a fantastic experience on pitch day.

My favorite aspect of Accelerate is that it allows students to bring the theory and concepts learned in the classroom into the real world, providing a deeper understanding of how to problem solve and adjust strategies in real-time. Accelerate’s requirement of interdisciplinary teams that can be formed across college campuses was also a huge selling point since it allowed me to team up with my friend from Northeastern who is studying business and computer science. Creating a diverse team not only allowed for the division of work but also a greater appreciation for a variety of perspectives and knowledge bases. Ultimately, Accelerate has taught me that effectively working with others is, by far, the most crucial skill required to complete a project on time and in a reasonable manner. Learning how to properly communicate early in one’s college career is an incredible asset and that has made Accelerate an amazing opportunity that I believe every Wentworth student should take advantage of during their time on campus.

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