Meet Admissions: Nick (Transfer Admissions) & Tina (International Admissions)

Tina and Nick share everything! Not only are their desks side-by-side in our office, but they also share the responsibility of working with our Transfer students both international and domestic*. We thought it would be fitting to introduce them together. Learn more about this dream team below.

Tina MacDonald, Assistant Director of International Admissions

Sheikh Zayed Mosque in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Tina at the Sheikh Zayed Mosque in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Her #1 piece of advice for international students: Check the website for each college you are applying to. You will usually find a full list of required documents for admission, which is very helpful since not all colleges have the same requirements for international students. This way you can be sure you have submitted everything that is needed and not delay your admissions decision. 

Her second piece of advice for international students: Visit your local Education USA center in your country (or their website). This is a great resource that is free for all students, and every center is staffed with advisors who are knowledgeable about the U.S. college admission process. There is usually one in the country’s capital and/or other major cities. Also make sure to meet with your school counselor so they can best advise you during your application process.

Her favorite part about working in Admissions: Being able to visit the home countries of my students. From Panama to Italy, visiting their countries teaches me so much about the incredibly diverse backgrounds of our international students. Experiencing the culture, language, and schools in each country helps me appreciate the unique customs that each student brings to Wentworth’s campus. And who doesn’t love tasting the local cuisine?

Camel riding in Abu Dhabi, UAE

Camel riding in Abu Dhabi, UAE

Nick Washburn, Assistant Director of Admissions

His advice for transfer students: Get involved in the application process and don’t be afraid to ask questions. Each school handles the transfer admission process in a slightly different manner so it’s always in your best interest to ask a question rather than assume.

He also recommends: Applying as early as possible. We work on a rolling admissions basis, with a priority deadline of February 15th, it’s important to complete your application by this date for the fall semester as space can become limited.

His favorite part about working in Admissions: Definitely the students! The ability to play some small part in helping students reach their goals/dreams is extremely rewarding. The great thing about admissions is the cyclical nature of recruitment, which allows me the ability to continually create new connections with prospective students.

*Nick primarily works with domestic transfer students, however he also works with first-year students from Rhode Island and from Fitchburg & North Worcester in Massachusetts.
Nick Filming the LeopardAdditionally, Nick is the man behind the camera for our fantastic Wentworth Admissions videos. Follow Wentworth on YouTube at WentworthInstTech and check back in mid August for the reveal of a summer themed video that Nick is currently working on!

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