Meet Admissions: Amy (Senior Associate Director) & Julie (Associate Director)

Amy Dufour and Julie Lanman have been facets of the Wentworth Admissions Staff almost long enough to say that they knew Arioch Wentworth himself. Okay, maybe we’re exaggerating a little bit, but with a combined 17 years at Wentworth these ladies are very knowledgeable about our admissions process.

Julie Lanman visits China for Wentworth Admissions

Julie in China

I don’t have any pictures from my Pacific Northwest Trip, but here’s me with the terra cotta soldiers in Xi’an China (see Julie’s post).

Amy doesn’t have any pictures from her Pacific Northwest Trip, but here she is with the terracotta soldiers in Xi’an China (see Julie’s post).

What territories do you travel to and review applications for?

AMY: I review all domestic applications from students living outside of New England and the mid-Atlantic.

JULIE: I have been recruiting in Northern New England for 6 years. This year I will be breaking into a new territory and will be covering Quincy and Plymouth Counties in Massachusetts. I am excited to be visiting new high schools and meeting with new counselors!

How long have you been part of the Admissions Staff?

AMY: I have been with Wentworth for ten years! It’s gone by really fast!

JULIE: I have been at Wentworth for seven years.

Where is the most interesting place that you’ve traveled for Admissions? 

AMY: My favorite is the Pacific Northwest. It’s a beautiful part of the country with tons to see and do. One year I started in Seattle then drove east through the mountains to Spokane. When I realized I was at the state border, I couldn’t resist driving across to C’oeur d’Alene, Idaho. It allowed me to cross off another state on my list of states visited! (33 at last count) From there, I followed along the Columbia River back towards the coast and on to Portland. Portland is an awesome city with the largest independent bookstore in the world (Powell’s) and tons of great restaurants. Oh and along the way, I got to visit a bunch of high schools and meet lots of great students too. 🙂

JULIE: I have been able to visit many different places during my time at Wentworth. The most unique place I have visited is China. I was lucky enough to travel there with Amy who had visited before. We were able to meet with many wonderful students and staff at various high schools throughout the country. We were able to eat some amazing food and visit some beautiful places.

If you meet Amy or Julie be sure to ask about their stories from the road!

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