Meet Admissions: Derek, Jamillah, Mindy (Admissions Operations Staff)

Besides Admissions Counselors, the Wentworth Admissions Office has a fantastic Operations Staff that keep our office running smoothly and seamlessly. Learn about their favorite Chartwell’s eats and what books they’re sinking their teeth into this summer.

Derek on the Wentworth Quad

Derek on the Wentworth Quad

Derek Lewis, Admissions Assistant: Derek’s primary roles in the Admissions Office are customer service and updating applications. Additionally, Derek wows us with his musical prowess as a French Horn player. Take a listen to his work with Brookline Symphony HERE.  A voracious reader, Derek is just finishing up “Eating the Dinosaur” by Chuck Klosterman and plans on jumping into “House of Leaves” by Mark Danielewski. His favorite eats in Beatty Cafeteria include coffee, an essential part of any work day, and sandwiches.

Jamillah on the front steps of Wentworth Hall

Jamillah Bailey, Admissions Assistant/Receptionist: Jamillah provides the best possible customer service and a wonderful campus experience for families. She is the face of the Admissions Office, if you’ve visited campus you’ve likely been greeted by her! Currently, she is reading “Unbreak My Heart” a Memoir by Toni Braxton. Her favorite meal in Beatty is the turkey and stuffing that is served before the Thanksgiving holiday.

Mindy Mitchell, Admissions Representative: Mindy’s role in the Admissions Office is recruiting and advocating for Boston Public School students throughout the enrollment process. Mindy began working at Wentworth in the early 1990s, left to start a family, and began working part-time again in 2009. She is a Wentworth expert, so if you see her on the road, be sure to take advantage of her knowledge! Mindy just finished The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt. Her favorite meal option in Beatty is the salad bar, which stocks delicious arugula and mixed greens!

Mindy in Watson Hall

If there’s something that you’d like to see in the cafeteria that you don’t already, or a home cooked meal that you’re totally missing from home, let Chartwells know HERE and they’ll do their best to accommodate your requests.

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