Meet Admissions: Brendan & Carlo (Admissions Counselors)

Carlo and Brendan are two of our newest (and hippest) Admissions Counselors. Below they reveal their guilty pleasure summer anthems and their favorite Wentworth campus hideaway.

Carlo bustin' a move in Phoenix, AZ

Carlo bustin’ a move in Phoenix, AZ

Brendan Enjoying the Wentworth Quad

Brendan enjoying the Wentworth Quad


Carlo Fierimonte: Carlo is responsible for reviewing Massachusetts applicants from Essex and Worcester County and applicants from the state of New Jersey.

This summer, he can be found jamming out to “Classic” by MKTO,  but his favorite musicians are Backstreet Boys and Lady Gaga. Also he loves Mariah Carey and had the pleasure of meeting her on his 7th birthday!

His favorite spot on Wentworth’s campus is the Pavilion which is nestled in the front of The Flanagan Campus Center because “the windows bring in a ton of natural light and create a relaxing study environment”.




Brendan McIntyre: Brendan is responsible for reviewing applicants from New Hampshire, Maine, Vermont, Cape Cod and the Islands.

Brendan’s summer anthem is “Best Day of My Life” by American Authors. Aerosmith is his favorite band and he’s seeing them in concert this summer! (Rock on Steven Tyler).

When asked about his favorite spot on campus he said, “While there are so many great places to choose from, I definitely think the Quad is my favorite place. It’s such a great area to sit, eat lunch, and enjoy the warm summer weather.”



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