Meet Admissions: D.J. (Associate Director of Admissions Communications) & Mallory (Operations Manager of Admissions)

Like pretty much everyone else, DJ and Mallory can’t wait to see Guardians of the Galaxy this summer.  Learn what else you might have in common with these phenomenal staff members, below.

D.J. Moore, Associate Director of Admissions Communications

How do you work to aid the Admissions process at Wentworth? I manage all of the marketing efforts in Admissions.  My latest project has been managing the creation of the new fleet of Admissions brochures. Basically all of the materials that inquiring students will receive this fall. From the Viewbook and Open House Invitation to the folder that contains a student’s acceptance letter, it’s my job to make sure all of these items work together, represent Wentworth well, and deliver helpful information to our prospective students and their parents. Be sure to check out the new digital Viewbook we’re producing this fall, I think it will be a great resource for anyone looking to apply to Wentworth.

Do you play any other roles at Wentworth?  I do. I teach a course in the College of Professional and Continuing Studies called American Cinema, American Culture.  This is a great way for me to combine my love of movies with my job. I actually produce and host a podcast about movies and culture- The Reel Conversation. It works as a great teaching tool for my students!

What movie are you most excited to see this Summer? The movies I’m looking forward to the most right now are Boyhood, Wish I Was Here, and Guardians of the Galaxy.  I’m also really looking forward to Gone Girl, Interstellar, and Dumb and Dumber To later this year.

DJ surveying Wentworth's Campus

DJ Surveying Wentworth’s Campus

Mallory Rice, Operations Manager of Admissions

How do you work to aid the Admissions process at Wentworth?  What DON’T I do to help the admissions process? I’m in charge of collecting all applications and online documents. I also process the office’s letters, from letting students know that we have received their application, to letting them know that they’ve been accepted. I also help the office run smoothly, helping counselors track down application documents, pitching in at campus events, etc. It’s a lot of work, but it keeps me on my toes!

Do you play any other roles at Wentworth?  I am the Admissions Office’s resident art nerd. I like to keep the staff in the loop about the great art exhibits happening near the Colleges of the Fenway. We are a stone’s throw away from the Museum of Fine Arts (MFA) and the Isabella Stewart Gardner (ISG) museum. The MFA constantly has so many exhibits and showcases so there’s always something new to see in addition to their enormous permanent collections. And the ISG is such a unique and historically significant landmark that it’s usually the first place I recommend to people if they have an afternoon to spend in Boston.

What movies are you most excited to see this Summer?  I am a huge fan of comic-book movies, so I really enjoyed Captain America: The Winter Soldier earlier this summer, and I’m also really looking forward to seeing Guardians of the Galaxy in August.

Mallory Red

Mallory in Washington D.C. at the Phillips Collection

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