Meet Admissions: Maureen Dischino (Executive Director of Admissions)

Maureen Photo

Maureen Dischino, Executive Director of Admissions

Maureen (pictured left) oversees the Admissions Office staff and operations and works closely with the office’s Associate Directors, who each share different aspects of managing the office and staff.  In her words– “The admissions world is a fast paced and exciting environment and the Wentworth Admissions Staff are passionate about our work with students, families, and guidance counselors.”

Maureen’s biggest piece of advice for Wentworth applicants: “Make sure to answer everything that is asked in the application. Take time with your essay and let us know why you think Wentworth is the right college for you. And, under the activity section, be sure to include all of your high school activities, awards received, places you have volunteered, and any jobs you may have had. We want to know as much about you as possible!”

Her favorite spot on Wentworth’s campus:  “Without a doubt, the Quad. I love it most in spring when the cherry blossom trees and the flowers are blooming. I forget that I am in a big city because I am surrounded by green grass and beautiful landscaping. And, I love the fact that students gather there to study, play Frisbee, or simply to relax.”


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