Handling Academics & Athletics: Being a Student-Athlete at Wentworth

Marissa Nelson – Junior, Women’s Soccer and Women’s Lacrosse, Architecture

I cannot believe how fast the past two years have gone by! I am already in my junior year, more than halfway through my architecture schooling. From sports teams, to clubs, I have made myself busy with trying everything that I can. In the little free time I have, I enjoy walking the streets of Boston, taking pictures of its architecture, and sitting and sketching its skylines.

Coming into Wentworth as a student-athlete, it was helpful to be able to move in early and get acquainted with the dorms and the city. I had some challenges in the beginning with juggling sports alongside studio projects.  Nonetheless, having practices and games to go to allows me to take a necessary break from studio. Taking breaks from studio and any other homework is necessary as it allows one to regroup and refocus themselves. Whether it is sports, or hanging out with friends, taking a break from work can enhance your work.

Over my past two years, my professors have taken the time to help me with skills on how to draft quickly and use time-saving techniques. This has aloud me to produce quality work faster. Not only is this beneficial for when I am in season, but this has helped for co-op and for time crunch situations.

Being on the Wentworth soccer team and lacrosse team has enhanced my time management abilities, allowed me to meet a variety of majors, and be a part of a team. Starting off my freshman year with soccer winning the Commonwealth Coast Conference Championship and moving on to the NCAA Tournament was a lot to handle, especially being an architecture major. Being a junior now, I have learned how to overcome these challenges. I learned how to work smarter instead of harder.

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