Finding Your Home at Wentworth

Evans Way/Tudbury, one of our first year residence halls!


Arianna Burch – Junior, Applied Mathematics

Pursuing college, picking schools, and applying are not easy tasks. Congratulations on making it this far! But once you’ve decided, or even weighing your options, what comes next? One of the most exciting parts of college is living on your own in a residence hall!

I’ve lived in both of our first year spaces: Baker Hall and Evans Way/Tudbury, first as a freshman, then as a Resident Assistant. Both are great options as a first ‘home away from home”, but it depends on your personality. Do you want to share a space with a small group of people, including a common area to hang out (Evans Way/Tudbury)? Or do you want one roommate, and a whole hallway of friendly new faces (Baker)? Whichever you choose, you can’t go wrong!

A little more about each – to help you picture your life at WIT:

Baker: Baker has a unique style on campus: hallways full of double rooms, with everyone on your floor only steps away. You have only one roommate, and a large space to make your own, so decorate your walls, door, and even the hallway! There’s a common area on every floor, great for watching games, studying, or just hanging out. Remember, there is no end of people to meet at your fingertips, but you can also have a space to call your own, giving you a measure of privacy.

Evans Way/Tudbury: The combination of two conjoined buildings, EWT is a fun, lively space. Complete with a game room, auditorium with events every week, and coffee and snack machines for a midnight snack, there’s always something happening in the building! You don’t even have to leave the building when you’ve got free food and goodies at RA programs, all the friends you could hope for, and even a spin cycle classroom! You will be placed in a suite that could be a single, double, triple or a quad. Some of these suites have up to two private bathrooms and a couch-filled common area. Whatever you end up choosing, living on Wentworth’s campus is a wonderful experience, and a great way to jump-start your college life!

To learn more about housing and residential life at Wentworth, please click here. If you have questions, feel free to contact the Wentworth Housing & Residential Life Staff at either 617-989-4160 or email at

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