The Benefits of Being a COF Member

Sarah Kaczynski – Freshman, Computer Science

Did you know that Wentworth is a member of the Colleges of the Fenway, a group of five schools which also includes Emmanuel College, MCPHS, Massachusetts College of Art and Design, and Simmons University?

Being a part of the Colleges of the Fenway, or COF, for short, comes with a long list of benefits. The COF offers programs for just about everyone! If you are into the performing arts, you could join the COF Dance Project, Theatre Project, Jazz Band, Orchestra, or Chorus. Interested in sports? Try out one of the COF’s intramural sports teams! If you have some other passions such as your religion, languages, caring for the environment, or something else, there is probably a club at one of the five campuses that you can join. These are all great opportunities to have fun, learn new things, and make some awesome friends both at your home institution as well as other colleges and universities in the area.

One of my favorite parts of attending a COF school is that I can cross register for classes at other member institutions. I chose to go to Wentworth because it seemed like a good fit for me; I love to study computer science and mathematics and wanted to spend most of my time devoted to classes that are related to my major. But I also enjoy studying Theology, so being able to take a course at Emmanuel this semester has been a great experience! Cross registering is fairly easy, and it really opens up the possibilities for learning. In addition to simply taking courses at other schools, you can also pursue a COF minor, Sustainability or Performing Arts. There are also options for creating unique academic minors that are not available at your home institution.

Overall, Wentworth’s association with the Colleges of the Fenway has made my time here significantly more enjoyable and fruitful, and I hope you will feel the same after exploring all of your many options as a COF student. You can learn more about the Colleges of the Fenway here:

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