The Importance of Accepted Student Day

Applying to college can often be the most stressful thing about a student’s senior year. It is always better to have some options rather than none at all, which means applying to more than one college. Once all of your applications are handed in and everything is submitted, this process turns into a waiting game. As decision letters come in, a weight is lifted from your shoulders as you receive acceptances.

It is important to factor in a number of things when considering a college. You have to remember that you will spend your next four years here. Often, students will make a pros and cons list for each college visited to help them visualize an institution’s characteristics. Likewise, others create a set of rules their college of choice must have. When I was deciding on which school to attend, I made a chart with all the colleges I applied to and their corresponding characteristics. This chart helped me to visualize the positives and negatives of each college.

One important factor that often gets over looked is visiting the college itself. Visiting colleges is important as it gives you a better feel for the campus and what it would be like to be a student. Speaking to current students, professors and other faculty members are the best sources of information. These resources can be helpful if you have questions, want more information about the program, community, or just to get a better feel of the facilities.

Once you have visited colleges and you have received your decision letters, it is important to take time to think. Take your time in making this decision and do what is best for you; there are no wrong answers. Attending Accepted Student Day can be a powerful experience and aid in this decision. When I was nearing the final decision for where I would study Architecture, I narrowed it down between schools that had similar pedigrees. What finalized my decision was being able to interact with current students, eat in the cafeteria, and travel to classes. Seeing the campus was paramount in my decision making and made me feel comfortable that I belonged here.

After experiencing the welcoming community of students, faculty, and staff, I was ready to commit to Wentworth.

Wentworth has two Accepted Student Day events coming up – March 22 and April 5. To learn more about Accepted Student Day and to register, please visit If you have questions about Accepted Student Day, please contact the Office of Admissions at 617-989-4000 or email us at

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