Applied Mathematics, a Hidden Gem of Wentworth

Arianna Burch – Junior, Applied Mathematics

Applied Mathematics is one of the hidden gems of Wentworth – everyone takes math classes from the department, but only a select few major in math. We’re the smallest major on campus by far (the only exceptions being newly founded degrees), and that’s one of the reasons it’s amazing. You call your professors by their first names, hang out with them, and even become friends.

The list of my favorite professors during my math degree is long: Mark, Steve, Youssef, Amanda, Semere, Mel, Rachel, Melody, John, Emma, Mami, and more! Yes, at that point, it’s nearly all of the full- time professors in the whole department (at least that I’ve taken), but I stand by my list! Any one of them will give you an amazing experience in a math topic you’ve never even heard of – come to Wentworth and experience them all for yourself!

I can assure you that I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else for this kind of program – no not MIT, Harvard, or the like. Wentworth was my first choice for college, primarily because of factors like the co-op program, and mainly, the Applied Mathematics department.

From creating custom calculus classes with computer science-friendly applications, to going out of their way to help you with classes they don’t even teach, to giving you unofficial extra advisors – this department is always doing something to make your experience at WIT better.

And I can honestly call the head of the department. Amanda Hattaway, one of my best friends and mentors, as well as one hell of a role model! Not only does she keep an eye on every student in the department and makes sure they succeed, she also built the whole degree from scratch, and even has time to run marathons! Amanda was one of my deciding factors when choosing Wentworth, and I highly suggest you take the time to meet her.

Wherever you end up, even if it’s not Wentworth, don’t let go of your passion for math (assuming you have one by reading this). If you do join WIT and enroll in the Bachelor of Science in Applied Mathematics, you will have the time of your life!



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