Marissa Nelson, Junior, Architecture, Women’s Soccer, Women’s Lacrosse

Spring time in Boston is one of busiest seasons for students! From finals to Red Sox games to transitioning to summer semester, there is a lot to keep straight. It is important to have a balance between school and activities when nearing this time of year.

As finals are extremely stressful, it’s important to include stress relievers in you schedule. Wentworth does an amazing job of hosting these types of activities during finals season! These events include relaxation stations where you can get a massage, pet a variety of animals, drink tea, or create a de-stress kit. Each station helps students take their mind off of finals and give them the tools they need to keep momentum in finishing the semester.

In addition to events hosted by Wentworth, neighboring businesses hold similar events for students. For example, the Isabella Stewart Gardener Museum has hosted special hours for students to visit during finals season, which allows students a peaceful get away for an afternoon. Meanwhile, the Boston Red Sox often have student nights where tickets can be as little as $5 per student, which can be bought at the gate. Many of my friends and I have participated in this! The experience of your first Red Sox game is unbeatable!

Red Sox games are a great stress reliever as they last only a few hours and are great opportunities to bring friends and enjoy the experience!

As everyone is different, over the many years of my schooling, I have found that a variety of activities are the most helpful when dealing with stress. Personally, I enjoy going to Wentworth’s events, Red Sox games, playing sports, and visiting museums. Others have said that they enjoy shopping, riding bikes, or even going for runs. There’s a variety of things to try, you just have to find what works for you! Ask friends, teachers, or even classmates to get ideas on activities to try!


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