The Intramural COF Experience

Ari Troy, Senior, Mechanical Engineering

Wentworth is part of five college consortium called the Colleges of the Fenway (COF), which made up of Wentworth, Massachusetts College of Art and Design, Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Heath Sciences University, Simmons University, and Emmanuel College. Through the COF student can cross register for classes, play intramural sports, and participate performance arts. Throughout my time as Wentworth student I have been involved with Colleges of the Fenway Intramurals. I have tried a few different sports through the COF intramurals including basketball, volleyball, and softball. I have also played intramural soccer for all four years and have more recently become a referee for COF intramurals. This make intramural a really good way to continue to play a sport you have loved playing or try and play a new sport.

This summer I played softball with a bunch of my friends and some of my roommates, having never played softball before I had no clue what I was doing. Come to find out I am not the best at softball however, this past summer was probably the most fun I have ever had on a team. Don’t get me wrong my team was not the best team out there, our team motto ended up being “we take W’s and W stand for Walks” but it was the best experience of my life. But that what COF intramurals are about, it’s not about winning the champions or having the best team in the league, it’s about having fun. Playing soccer has always been my favorite sport through the COF, it gives me a chance to continue to play soccer, seem of my friends who I otherwise wouldn’t see, and it’s honestly the only time I exercise. Throughout the many teams I have played on I have made new friends at Wentworth, and many friends from the other schools in the COF. Throughout my time as a referee I have learned so much about the different sports that the COF. I have also made more friends while being a referee but have also strengthened my friendship with some of the people I used to play against. This is just my experience with the COF, but there are so many students who participate in COF intramurals and everything the COF has to offer.

COF intramurals offer sports such as soccer, basketball, kayaking and even bowling. There are so many more sports that are offered through the COF but those are just some of them. COF intramurals are about a one-hour commitment once a week and if you have no experience playing that sports its not a problem.  While there are a lot of students who are involved with COF intramurals there are also so many students who are involved with the Performing Arts programs that are offered through the Colleges Of the Fenway. Through the performing arts division student can join Jazz Band, Chorus, Theater, Dance, and Orchestra. These programs also give students the ability to continue something they have loved doing their whole lives or to try something new.  Towards the end of each semester intramural sports compete for championship while each of these programs put on a performance at the end of each semester so friends and family to come observe.

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