What Are Transfer Tuesdays and Why Should You Go

May 30, 2019 — Wentworth Institute of Technology. Photo by Caitlin Cunningham Photography.

Daniel Chadwick, Admissions Counselor

Have you been planning on transferring to Wentworth, but would like to know more information about the college?  I’m sure you’d like to know how your credits will transfer or know more about financial aid and affording college. If so, we have the perfect opportunity for all transfer students that would like some more info; Transfer Tuesdays.

At Wentworth, we evaluate transfer applicants through both academic achievement and personal qualities.  We love to see a well-rounded student with good grades that is passionate and motivated to succeed in their career field.  Our staff puts together an individualized approach to each student and review each course individually to determine if it can transfer.  We require students to complete at least half of their credits at Wentworth in order to graduate – we want you to get that quality Wentworth education.

What’s this Transfer Tuesday thing all about anyways?  Why should I go to a Transfer Tuesday if I know I want to come to Wentworth?  Here are some reasons to attend a Transfer Tuesday at WIT!

Note – If you wish to deliver official documents to any of our representatives, please ensure they are sealed properly in an official-unopened-sealed envelope of the issuing institution.

Know your admissions decision the day of your appointment!

If you are a transfer student and are interested in making an appointment, you can make a 30-minute long appointment on any Tuesday, up until August 20, 2019 (except July 30th – New Student Orientation for Transfer Students).  During this appointment you can chat with an Admissions representative that will give you your admissions decision! But…you must have all your application requirements completed by the Friday before your appointment date.  If you have any questions regarding the transfer application process, you can visit the Transfer Student Admissions site or reach out to Andrew deMelo, Assistant Director of Admissions, at either 617-989-4598 or demeloa@wit.edu.  You will be meeting with Andrew during your Transfer Tuesday appointment.

Have a preliminary credit evaluation!

Are you curious to know which of your credits from previous will transfer over?  You can have a primary credit evaluation through the Registrar’s Office during your Transfer Tuesday appointment.  During your appointment, you will also meet with James Smith, Assistant Director of Transfer and Articulation of the Registrars Office, in order to have a primary credit evaluation.  In order to get an idea of how transferring credits work, you can visit our Transfer Credit Guide or reach out to James at 617-989-4395 or smithj39@wit.edu.

Learn more about financial aid and how to afford college!

During your Transfer Tuesday appointment, you can learn more information about how to apply for financial aid, how the financial aid process works, and just about any other question you may have when it comes to being able to pay for college.  We understand how tricky the FAFSA may be and how stressful it is, so we want to help you out as much as we can.  During your appointment, you can meet with Erica Davis, Assistant Director of Financial Aid.  She will be your best resource for you during this process.  Erica can be reached at 617-989-4063 or davise6@wit.edu.

To schedule a 30-minute appointment, simply fill out this brief form.  This program will continue weekly until August 20, 2019. As always, please reach out to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions at either 617-989-4000 or e-mail us at admissions@wit.edu if you have questions.


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