Making the Most of the Beginning of the Academic Year


Sarah Kaczynski – Computer Science ‘21


October has just started, and it’s hard to believe we are almost a third of the way done with this semester! The beginning of the semester is a truly interesting time…classes tend to move slower, and big projects have yet to be assigned, allowing students to enjoy the freedom of being in college without having to worry about midterms or finals yet. Combined with the beautiful and strange weather that comes with the transition of seasons, early autumn is the perfect time to explore Boston, spend time with friends, and study with some lovely views. If you’re looking to make the most of the beginning of the semester, here are some suggestions:

1. Spend time in nature

One of the great things about Boston is that, while it is a city, it still provides many opportunities to get outdoors and connect with nature. You could go for a walk or run around the Emerald Necklace, visit the Seaport, or even go kayaking on the Charles River! If you are from a rural area, spending time doing these, or similar, activities can help combat homesickness.

2. Walk around Boston

Whether you’ve lived in Boston your whole life, or just moved here from across the country, there’s always something new to check out; and walking is a great way to explore this city in particular. The North End, for example, is a fantastic place to walk around. There are many gardens, quaint streets, and, of course, places to eat galore. If you go there on a Saturday or Sunday, make sure to check out Haymarket for some fresh produce!

3. Attend activities fairs and club meetings

One of the best ways to make friends and feel at home on campus is by joining clubs and organizations. There is such a diverse range of offerings at Wentworth, that you’re nearly guaranteed to find a group that is interested in the same things you are. Even as a junior, I’m still finding more clubs to join and creating new, meaningful friendships along the way. The fall activities fairs may have already passed this semester, but it is not too late to attend club meetings to see where you best fit in! Make sure to check out the bulletin boards around campus to see when/where different clubs meet!

4. Take time to bond with your room/suite mates

One of the greatest parts of college is that you can live with your best friends, or at least become friends with the people you are living with. The relationships you have with your roommates can truly make or break a semester, so it’s important to start off on the right foot by not only setting ground rules and sharing expectations, but by really getting to know each other. Some tried-and-true ways to bond with your room/suite mates (and fellow students, in general) are having dinner together, playing games, and going on small outings together.

5. Make friends with your classmates

Your coursework may not be too challenging yet, but now is the time to set yourself up for success; and making friends with your classmates is as great way to do so. Consider making a group chat on Snap chat, Discord, or whatever platform you so
desire, to discuss homework problems or set up group meetings, which can be extremely beneficial. Not only can you learn from your classmates, you can also grow in your skills by teaching them.

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