Finding a Community at Wentworth

Marissa Nelson, Senior, Architecture, Women’s Soccer, Women’s Lacrosse

Coming to a new school, and even a new city can be daunting. Finding your community is what truly makes you begin to feel comfortable and at home. Wentworth goes unmatched in having a diversified group of clubs. There are a variety of different clubs and groups for every person’s interests, from math to skiing, to music. Wentworth even has agreements to team up with certain schools, which allows you to get exposure to other students and majors.

Find people who share similar interests and ambitions. For me, there was not one isolated group that fit my interests, it was a collection of a few, which is okay! Having multiple groups can add a variety of interests and activities to make your time more interesting. For me, joining Phi Sigma Pi Honors Fraternity was the next best thing.

Joining Phi Sigma Pi, I realized that I was able to participate in a variety of activities from internal social events, to external fundraisers for a food bank, to alumni events allowing current students to make job connections. I’ve been able to help others, while making job contacts and friends along the way.

Likewise, taking on a responsibility or role within your club can make all the difference. Being active in your community at WIT, whether it be scheduling an event or simply showing up and participating, can make all the difference. After taking on the responsibility of service chair head for Phi Sigma Pi I was more involved in my WIT community, and I took pride in what I was doing. This allowed me to step back and motivate others to be involved, and enjoy what they are doing.

When you get to Wentworth take your time in finding the right community for you, as it can take time. Try new things and meet new people and you will find the right space!

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