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Marissa Nelson, Senior, Architecture, Women’s Soccer, Women’s Lacrosse

Even though college lasts four years, it goes by extremely quick, so you have to make the most of it. Packing your schedule with a variety of clubs, activities, and events is not a bad thing, it’s good to be busy! When I was a high school senior, I never imagined playing two college sports in addition to studying architecture, being in an honors fraternity and participating in a number of clubs. My daily schedule can be hectic at times, but I keep myself in check with a planner, and a large dry-erase calendar in my room. Don’t underestimate the power of writing your schedule down, it makes all the difference!

I like to start my week off in my planner with Mondays, seeing as Sundays are usually my day to regroup before the week starts.

Mondays: In the beginning of this semester, I would have an architecture elective in the morning to start the day. In this elective, we have deeper discussions as to how community life plays into the complexities of architecture. Following this I have a six-hour studio course, in which I generally take a break to grab lunch. During studio, I like to start off the class by creating a list of what needs to be accomplished that day. I try to make this time as productive as possible, as it’s a time set aside just for studio work. It is a prime time to get feedback from professors and collaborate with other students! Then again at the end of class, we regroup and check if we have completed our goals for the day. After studio, I go to soccer practice, which is a good mental break from the hardship of a long studio day. Having a mental break after a long day is essential to staying destressed.

Tuesday: To start my Tuesday I attend a concentration class for architecture, in which we have a seminar session. The seminar session is generally based off of readings we have done for homework, and we discuss their relevance and then relation to our studio project. These discussions are often very insightful, and tend to impact our studio projects in an interesting way. After this 10-12 class, I go to work at an architecture firm in Back Bay, Tappé Architects. I generally stay here for about 4/5 hours then I travel back to campus for soccer practice. After practice, I attend Chapter meetings for the only honors fraternity on campus, Phi Sigma Pi.

Wednesday: Similar to Tuesday, I attend my architecture elective, then travel to work in Back Bay. On my way into work, sometimes I will stop at the small local coffee shop on the way to treat myself to a muffin and coffee. I’ll sit by the window and catch up with my mom for a few minutes on the phone. Afterwards I have practice then other club meetings. However, I often will have soccer games on Wednesdays, which throw my schedule off. In this case, I attend class, then miss work and go to the soccer game. After the game, if there is time, I attend my club meetings.

Thursday: I start my day off by attending my seminar concentration class again, before the six-hour studio course. Differentiating each week, we sometimes have outside firms/architects come to guest lecture. These lectures are incredibly insightful, which allows us to take away design principles that we never even thought of before! During studio, when it is time to take a break, I often travel over to Wollaston’s Market to grab a sandwich. Though it is located near Northeastern, it does a great deal of catering to Wentworth architecture students. After studio I go to practice.

Friday: Since I have the day off of classes, I generally work a full day, as if I was on co-op. By doing so, I get to travel to work with my roommates, as they are all seniors on co-op. As a treat, every Friday morning on the walk to the train station, we stop by our local coffee shop and grab coffee on the way. We’ve started this tradition at the beginning of the semester, and it has become a nice ritual to look forward too at the end of each week. I finish off my night by coming home from practice and making dinner with a few of my teammates every Friday. We often will look up new things to try and see what creations we can make!

Saturday: I have a game every Saturday while in season, which varies between home and away. Often times each week is different. I can leave my house anywhere from 6:00am to 1:00pm to meet my team to get ready for the game. With away games, there is often no consistency.

Sunday: I take this day to do homework, or a fun activity with friends. Generally, I try to relax on Sundays before I start my busy week again. Recently, my roommate and I have been picking a new coffee shop each week to travel to, then we spend the day there completing homework and relaxing. If I finish my homework, I take my sketchbook and I move from spot to spot drawing.

I know my schedule is much more packed than the average, but that’s how I like it. Many people would be intimidated by it, but it’s a choice. I choose to pack as much as I can into my time here, in order to experience as much as I can. It is not for everyone, and you must be very organized, but if you can make it work it’s worthwhile.

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  1. You are an amazing women!! You seem to have an incredible balance which is really important in your life. You should be really proud.

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