Some Thankful Thoughts

Sarah Kaczynski, Computer Science ’21

Thanksgiving may have already passed, but the holiday season has just begun. With so much to celebrate, we get to experience not one day of thankfulness, but rather an entire season. But with the Fall semester wrapping up with last minute assignments, final projects, and exams galore, it might feel difficult to focus on a mindset of gratitude during the time of year when it should be easiest to do so. One way to shift away from a negative attitude is to write a list of things that you are thankful for. Below, I’ll share some of those things…maybe you are thankful for these as well, and I encourage you to write a list of your own to put things into perspective and enter into
“an attitude of gratitude.”

1. I am receiving a college education.

When you’re in a college/university setting, attending college can seem like the normal thing to do. But a post-secondary education is not something that everyone has access to. I feel especially grateful to be attending Wentworth because neither of my parents received a college education. Instead, they worked hard from young ages, and now I get to go to attend a university because of that hard work.

2. I have a beautiful network of friends and family.

Having a good support system in place is important, especially at college/university, where you’re likely to experience failure in some way or another (which is totally normal and good, since mistakes allow for wonderful learning opportunities). I am thankful to have parents and extended family who love me unconditionally and encourage me when I need it most. I’m also thankful for my friends, especially those I’ve made here at Wentworth, because they’ve become like another family to me. I may not always be able to go home and talk to my parents when I’m away at school, but my friends are always there.

3. I have sufficient food, water, clothing, and shelter.

Living in Boston has opened my eyes to the fact that so many people live without having their most basic needs met. While my heart is constantly hurting for those people, that harsh reality has made me more appreciative for all of those things which are so easy to take for granted.

4. Winter break is almost here!

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