The Home Stretch!

Marissa Nelson, Senior, Architecture, Women’s Soccer, Women’s Lacrosse

Finally! My last semester is here. Surviving college, especially with all that I am involved in, thus far has not been an easy road. Being in the final stretch of college has caused me to reflect on my past years here. Of Course there are things I wish I had done, such as studying for that test just a little more, or taking breaks from studio when I needed them, or even spending more time with friends rather than perfecting my drawing that was already done. Nonetheless, I can only move forward and use these experiences as learned lessons. Remember that not everything will always go as planned, but that does not mean you can’t change the plan! Some things will turn our better while some will turn out worse, take them with a grain of salt and do better the next time!

Ups and Downs

I’ll start off with the bad, so we can finish on the good. Whether it is struggling socially, academically, or a combination of the two, there are many different ways to get through it. Asking for help is a big one. Though I know we all dislike asking for help, sometimes it’s necessary. I’ve fallen in the trap of refusing help too many times, and I’ve realized that it is okay to say yes to help. For me, it was a club activity that I found slipping through the cracks. Junior year, being in the middle of my lacrosse season, and hardest semester of architecture yet, I was pressed for time with meeting all of my deadlines. Not to mention, I was a committee head for our honors fraternity, in charge of organizing service events. I knew this was something I was going to need help with. I reached out to other brothers in the chapter asking for help in running these events, especially when I was not able to attend them myself. Afterwards, I was happy that I was able to ask for help and delegate tasks! Everything was able to be completed and successful.

Rough semesters and classes are all part of college, you just have to find a way to handle them. Nonetheless, with rough semesters also come good semesters! Whether it is going somewhere new, meeting new people, or even an interesting school project, there are always good parts that counter the bad ones. Appreciate the little moments and activities, as that is what you’ll remember in the long run! In my case, a tradition my friends and I started was at the start and even of every semester we go to fire and ice on a Monday. Though it is small and we do other things throughout the semester, gathering all of our friends together before we go off on different schedules has always been fun. Finding your own tradition or activities with friends is part of college and living in the city. Boston has always been a great place to expand experiences and go to new places!

Concluding Thoughts

Stay focused when your in college and don’t let people tell you can’t do things, and you’ll achieve all of the goals you want. Keep in mind not to put too much on you plate, and to take on only what you can handle. Saying “yes” to help is never a bad thing, so take that hand when it is offered to you! Make time for friends and family, those are the memories that you’ll remember in the long run!

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