Being a Woman at Wentworth

Sarah Kaczynski, Computer Science ’21

When looking for a college or university to attend, it can be easy to get caught up in the numbers. One statistic that seems to be well known here at Wentworth is the gender ratio, which is roughly 80 percent male and 20 percent female. If you are like me when I was considering Wentworth as a possible choice for post-secondary education, you may be wondering: “What is it like to be a woman at Wentworth?”

After being here for four semesters, I can tell you that being a woman at Wentworth is a great experience! Comparing my time here with male friends, I can say it’s not exceptionally different from being a man at Wentworth. Of course, there are times when it simply feels different to be the only female in a class or a club. We are creatures prone to bias, whether it be conscious or not. To make sure that women feel welcome and included here at Wentworth, we have several clubs and organizations to support and empower our female community.

The Women’s Council advocates for women on campus and works to create and sustain a positive experience for women at Wentworth. They offer a community and leadership opportunities as well as a mentorship program to provide one-on-one support for incoming freshman women. The Women’s Institute for Leadership Development (WILD) also advocates for and serves the community of women. It provides a supportive environment that fosters lifelong friendships and helps women develop their leadership skills (This brings to mind another statistic: nearly half of all leadership roles at Wentworth are held by women!). Some other women groups here at Wentworth are CROWNS and SWE. CROWNS is a group formed by Wentworth students to support and encourage women of color on campus in every aspect of their lives. They help create a safe space for members to share personal experiences and the challenges they face. Wentworth’s chapter of the Society of Women Engineers (SWE) helps students reach their full career potential and creates networks of fellow women in engineering.

Don’t let one or two statistics among many others be a deterrent. They cannot properly paint an entire picture of what life is like at Wentworth. There is so much more to take into consideration when deciding what college or university is right for you. I highly encourage anyone who is even remotely considering applying to or attending Wentworth to visit the school and see for themselves what our campus environment is like!

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