What I Love About Wentworth

Sarah Kaczynski, Computer Science ’21

With Valentine’s Day occurring almost exactly halfway through the month, February is an excellent time to reflect on what we love. So, in that spirit, I’ll be sharing some of the things I love about Wentworth.

1. The Community

The students, faculty, and staff here at Wentworth are some of my favorite people. They are supportive, hard-working, and help create an environment in which everyone here has an opportunity to thrive. The Wentworth community is like a big family, and make camps feel like a home away from home.

2. Its Co-op Program

I  am currently on my first co-op and loving it. Not only is it a nice break from the academic rigor of classes, but I can get relevant experience in industry before graduating. I know that Wentworth’s requirement of two semesters of co-ops will make it easier to get a job after graduation, as well as facilitate a smoother transition out of undergraduate studies.

3. Its Location

Boston is full of people, activities, and opportunities; and Wentworth is right in the heart of it. Access to both the orange and green lines – as well as multiple bus lines – from campus make it easy to get nearly anywhere in the city. Being in Boston has allowed me to pursue my diverse array of passions, with all its schools, museums, concert venues, and theatres, all while being surrounded by intelligent and diverse people.

4. Focused Classes

I love how relevant much of the coursework at Wentworth is. I believe that the humanities are part of a well-rounded, quality education, but I also appreciate that the bulk of Wentworth’s courses are made up of subject matter that directly corresponds to the skills necessary to thrive in industry.

5. Diverse Clubs/Organizations

While I would hope that most of us have chosen our fields of study because we enjoy the work that they entail, most Wentworth students have interests and hobbies outside of our majors, and that is why having a large selection of clubs and organizations on campus is so important. I feel like the groups that I am a part of outside of class have made me a better student, and they help keep me motivated to do well in my studies.

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