Coping with Social Distancing

In these trying times, with the sudden closure of Wentworth, things have been a bit shocking. For many of us students, we are now seeing the results of social distancing. While there are many negative aspects about this lack of social activity, I’d rather stay healthy. There are things I will miss. I am a photographer, so this elimination of social events has severely hurt my hobby and primary stress relief. Another tradition that is not available that I deeply miss is eating out with friends.

Luckily there are solutions. You can eat at home, you might find you enjoy the experience of cooking. I would recommend trying forms of staying social such as calling friends, social media or lending aid to an older neighbor.

There is also the tough transition to online classes. There are many questions among the students and parents regarding meal plans and tuition costs reimbursements. Wentworth will be sending information and are available to answer any questions. I suggest remain focused on your online classes and what to do with your free time.

Times are tough but we will get through this. Years from now we will look back at this situation we are in, examine how we handled it and what we learned from it.

-Chris Gessling, BSCN ’23

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