WIRE, a Club for Everyone

Sarah Kaczynski, Computer Science ’21

As soon as I joined WIRE (Wentworth Internet Radio Experience), I wondered why I hadn’t done so sooner. I was so fascinated by the multifaceted diversity of the club and instantly felt a strong sense of belonging. The group of students that make up WIRE is diverse in and of itself. They represent many of the majors that Wentworth offers and each person brings to the group a different personality along with a unique set of skills and interests. What WIRE does is also diverse. Of course, there is the Internet radio station, as the name implies, but that’s only the tip of the iceberg. WIRE also DJs at various Wentworth events, such as Accepted Students Days and hockey games. They participate in audio-technology workshops and even have a Relay for Life team! During any given weekly meeting, you might be learning how to set up DJing equipment, working on logo design, or having a game night. I went into this club expecting one thing, and was pleasantly surprised by how much it had to offer.

The diversity of WIRE shows the many reasons to join. If you are interested in music, whether that be listening to it, creating it, or sharing it, then WIRE is the club for you. If you want to host your own radio show, learn about audio-technology, or simply be more involved in the Wentworth community, then WIRE is the club for you. If you are afraid that you won’t fit in at Wentworth, feel like you haven’t really found your “fit at WIT” yet, or are just looking for a great group of friends, then WIRE is the club for you.

When campus reopens, if you are visiting as a prospective student or already a student here, feel free to stop by WIRE’s studio. We are located on the ground floor of Beatty Hall!

To learn more about WIRE, head over to www.wire.wit.edu.

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