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Spring Athletics Roundup: Men’s Tennis

The Wentworth tennis courts are cleared of snow and our men’s team is excited about their prospects for the 2015 season!  Coach Moschetto notes, “The tennis program continues to grow, both in numbers and competitiveness. The team boasts a strong nucleus of dedicated returning players as well as some equally talented newcomers, all with the desire to improve and be the best they can be on and off the tennis court.”  Read on to hear what advice two of these talented newcomers, Jeff Tocco and Doug Avellino have for future Wentworth Leopard athletes.

“Academics should always come first” is freshman Computer Science major Jeff Tocco’s advice to prospective student athletes.  His teammate, Doug Avellino, a Business Management major, flips this sentiment around saying, “Playing a sport is a very good way to take your mind off of school for a few hours a day. This is especially important at Wentworth where the work load can get heavy.”  Jeff is “excited to be playing a sport that [he] is passionate about while learning…simultaneously”.  Doug was excited to make the team as a freshman and is really looking forward all of the piles of snow being gone around Boston.  We are too Doug, we are too!

Think Spring and watch Doug and Jeff as they take on Endicott College at the Bass River Tennis Club on Saturday, April 4th.

Doug Avellino Class of 2018

Doug Avellino, Class of 2018

Jeff Tocco Class of 2018

Jeff Tocco, Class of 2018