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Meet Admissions: Becca & Nathania (New Admissions Counselors)

We are very excited to welcome our newest Admissions Counselors, Becca and Nathania, to the Wentworth Admissions team!

Becca Kelly, Admissions Counselor

Becca was eager to begin her admissions career after recently graduating from UMass Dartmouth. Becca will be traveling in and reviewing applications for students residing in Worcester County, MA, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. She will also review applications for students living in Alaska, Guam, Hawaii, Oregon, and Washington. Originally from the greater Boston area, Becca isn’t new to all the wonders of the city. Her favorite Boston pastime is sampling all the different types of cuisine around the city. In her spare time, Becca loves staying active and exploring new places. She can also be found binge-watching some of her favorite shows on Netflix. Becca is most excited to travel and take in all of the sites that her new territory has to offer, as well as meeting prospective students.


Nathania Francois, Admissions Counselor

Nathania is a graduate of Salem State University and is currently working towards her Master’s degree in Higher Education Administration and Student Affairs. Nathania will be traveling in and reviewing applications for students living in Plymouth County, MA and the downstate region of New York (Long Island, NYC, Rockland, Orange, and Westchester counties). She will also review applications for students living in Washington, D.C., Delaware, Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, and West Virginia. Nathania is originally from St. Lucia, but has lived in the greater Boston area for most of her life. In her spare time, Nathania enjoys singing, writing poetry, and shopping. She is most looking forward to learning more about Wentworth and its students. Nathania is excited to be working right in the heart of Boston, and enjoys the rich culture of the city.



Help us to welcome Becca and Nathania to Wentworth when you see them on the road!

Making the Most out of a College Fair

Attending college fairs is a fantastic way to gain information that can then help you make informed decisions about which colleges you might be interested in applying to. Wentworth’s Admissions staff is currently in the midst of fall travel and can’t wait to meet all of the prospective students for the class of 2020!

We have compiled some helpful tips to ensure that you are prepared for college fair season:

Do your research

We know it sounds like something your mother would tell you to do, but it can really help to feel more prepared when speaking with college representatives. Knowing which schools will be attending the college fair and conducting prior research on some schools that interest you will make you feel more confident and also appear knowledgeable and interested to the college representatives.

Make a list

Similar to making a shopping list when you go to the store, it is a great idea to make a list of all the schools you really want to speak with. Once you have established the schools you are initially interested in, it’s a great idea to visit these booths first. Time is of the essence!

Venture outside your comfort zone

Once you have visited the booths of the schools you developed initial interest in, do not be afraid to explore other schools! We all deviate from our shopping lists from time to time. Some of the best finds in life are not a part of the original plan.Take advantage of having so many college representatives at your disposal. Speak with representatives from colleges outside your geographic region, large schools, small schools, urban, suburban, rural, big name schools and maybe schools you have never heard of before. Gather information regarding scholarships and financial aid at the schools that might seem financially out of reach. You never want to rule out a school all together just based on the sticker price. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Prepare questions to ask

It is important to come to the college fair with questions to ask college representatives. You will be able to obtain more information and you will appear more prepared. Being engaged, enthusiastic, and knowledgeable comes across in a positive light. There are NO stupid questions, so never be afraid to ask about the food, or whether or not we have an Ultimate Frisbee team.  (Our cafeteria has so many great options and we do have an Ultimate team, in case you were curious!)

The Admissions Staff are taking over Instagram and documenting their travels every Thursday in October. Follow their travels @WITAdmissions on Instagram.


Views From The Road: Why We Are Thankful

Wentworth Admission’s fall travel season has come to a close and we are thankful to be able to wake up in our own familiar beds and eat delicious home-cooked meals.  Admittedly though, we’re a little nostalgic for You-Pick-Two lunches and plush hotel bedding.

All kidding aside, we want to thank you the students and families that we’ve met at high school visits and college fairs across the country and around the world. You energize us with your passion, welcome us to unfamiliar places with your smiles, and warm our hearts with your kindness.

Seniors, as we begin to review your applications it’s nice to meet some of you all over again. We are awed by your talents and accomplishments. Thank you for sharing your stories with us.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.


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Views from the Road

The Admission staff is hard at work traveling throughout the country (and world) to reach out to prospective students. Join our staff on their journeys in a series of posts we’re calling “Views from the Road.”

This evening, Wentworth will be at Saint Michael’s College for the New England Association for College Admission Counseling fair. Check back next week to see some photographs from our staff’s travels to and from high schools and college fairs throughout Northern New England & Cape Cod.


Meet Admissions: Abigail & Adina (New Admissions Counselors)

Our newest Admissions Counselors Abigail and Adina love to travel.  After reading about their European adventures, help us welcome them to our team by posting a comment, below!

Adina Goodman, Admissions Counselor

Adina’s travel and reading territories are New York state and Western Massachusetts. She is originally from Connecticut and is new to the Boston area so she’s still learning about all of the fantastic things Boston has to offer. Adina is most excited to travel and meet prospective students as visiting new places is one of her favorite things to do. Additionally, Adina loves gymnastics and is an avid gymnast!


Adina in Budapest, Hungary.

Abigail Kim, Admissions Counselor

Abby will be traveling in and reading applications from her home state of Connecticut as well as Lowell, Concord, and Wellesley in Massachusetts. Abby really enjoys cooking and eating delicious cuisine. An avid traveler, as an undergraduate she studied abroad in Madrid, Spain and her travels around Europe also took her to Paris. Her favorite spots in Boston include Newbury Street “for some great shopping and the Charles River Esplanade when the weather is nice!”  Joining our staff just on the heels of the opening of Wentworth’s newest Residence Hall,  525 Huntington Avenue, Abby can’t wait to check it out.  She says, “[525] looks absolutely beautiful and I can’t wait to take a peek inside now that the building is complete.” Check out the final touches happening to 525 HERE.


Abigail on the Lock Bridge in Paris

Meet Admissions: Kaila (Summer Intern)

Kaila Gibbons, Admissions Summer Intern, Class of 2016


Kaila, our summer intern has been an incredible asset to our team. In addition to leading campus tours and sharing her Wentworth experience with prospective students and families, she collaborates with Admissions’ full time staff on a variety of key administrative projects.

Kaila has really made the most of her time at Wentworth.  She notes,”I transferred to Wentworth for the smaller classes and co-op program, but what I didn’t anticipate was how easy it would be to get involved in leadership activities on campus. My favorite role is the Community Outreach Chair for Society of Women Engineers. In this role, I am responsible for planning STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) education events as well as coordinating community service opportunities. I am also a Resident Assistant, a member of the LEAD team that plans innovative leadership training for students, an Orientation Leader, and an Alternative Spring Break participant”.

When asked about her favorite Boston spot, “My Boston pastime is wandering around the city and discovering new things. Currently, my favorite place to relax and read is a small garden in the Fenway neighborhood that I stumbled upon one day. It features a gorgeous terrace, shady trees and a fountain where little birds often splash around”.

 Join us in wishing Kaila the best of luck as she enters her junior year as a Biomedical Engineering major!