The Center for Applied Research (CfAR) in the Department of Architecture is a student focused collaborative environment for investigating emerging fabrication technologies and methods. CfAR supports the department’s core principle of thinking through making by providing a dynamic network of spaces for prototyping and applied research. Students have access to equipment, expertise, and guidance across many areas of fabrication, including CNC milling, 3D printing, woodworking, laser-cutting, and robotics.

COVID-19 announcement

Due to current  COVID-19 social-distancing measures in place, Wentworth has suspended in-person classes for the remainder of the Spring, and Summer semesters. CfAR has also suspended all in-person access of our lab spaces. The CfAR staff are continuing to support student and faculty applied research and distance learning in Architecture remotely until we are able to return to campus.


  • CfAR launches new Digital Media and Design Communication Lab
    CfAR supports thinking through making by providing Wentworth students and faculty with tools, expertise, and a safe environment for hands-on learning and design research. We will continue to support these core goals in a slightly different way and with a shifted focus. Necessary social distancing measures due to COVID-19 have posed great challenges to collaborative…