Being a Part of the Community

Hey guys!
I hope all is well. Things have been going pretty well for me, been busy with work and a lot of other stuff!

This past November, I applied to Big Brothers Big Sisters of Massachusetts Bay to become a Big Brother. What the program does is pair “Bigs” and “Littles” with each other, who are usually young adults (like me!) with students at local elementary schools. After a the application process and the holidays, I was lucky enough to get a Little! I visit him during his lunch break and we just hang out, talk, and play some games– things friends would do.

I’m really excited to begin this experience. Being part of BBBS helps me in a ton of ways. It gives me something meaningful to partake in during my free time at school and it allows me to widen my perspective and share the blessings I have. It’s been helping me gain an understanding of the community I’m a part of and how I can impact it as well. I definitely will be continuing in my volunteering work in Boston as I look for more ways to help in the community. It’s a great way to meet people as well and really feel at home.

On a more local Wentworth-level, I’m officially a Student Admission Ambassador! This means that I’ll be helping out with Accepted Students Day and giving tours around campus. Honestly, I’m really excited to start and be able to share my enthusiasm about my experience at school. I’m very lucky to have gotten the position and hope that I’ll be able to help prospective students with their decision in choosing a school using my experiences as a transfer student.
It’s also been a great way to meet more of my fellow classmates, as I’ve already met a ton of people I haven’t known before. It’s also nice knowing they have a lot of school spirit too!

Well, that’s all for now! Next time I’m probably going to discuss the decision of choosing a college, and share my story of coming to Wentworth. But for now, it’s almost Spring Break!

Mid-semester and Mid-terms

Hey everyone! Sorry for the delay between posts, its always this time of year that seems to get crazy!

Not much has happened between posts of mine, but I will try to give a quick recap on the events that’ve happened.

One of the greatest things about living in Boston (as I’ve said before) is the ability to have a huge array of things to do at almost any given time. In these past few weeks, I’ve seen a musical, visited a few museums, and gotten tons of delicious food. A lot of those things were spontaneous, too! The musical I saw, for example, “Something Rotten,” was put on by the Boston Opera House and they had student tickets for a fraction of the cost as original tickets. They were pretty good seats, too! The MFA is super close to Wentworth, and with some of my classes we’ve visited the Massachusetts Historical Society and the Museum of African American History.

Most importantly, it seems to most Bostonians (and New Englanders) was the Patriots win of the Super Bowl! I wish I had thought of taking a few pictures or making a post that evening, but everyone seemed to be caught in the moment. I recall being able to open the window in my dorm and hearing the shouts of the people below in excitement and the mass exodus to Downtown. The fire department across the street was continuously honking their horns in glee. The next day was the parade, and even though it was cold and windy was an exciting time, even for a student from New York.



Lastly, I just want to give a shout out to the Betta Fish I got a few weeks ago, Bethany.


She doesn’t really do much, but is pretty entertaining.

I may or may not spoil her…

The Beginning

Hey everyone! Welcome to my first post! I just want to say thanks again for this opportunity from Wentworth to share my student experiences with everyone.


I’ll be trying to update my blog regularly with happenings of my life, but don’t try to get too invested: I can’t promise how exciting each post will be! Most of the time it will probably just be your average week without too much exciting happening. But I hope I can entertain you to the best of my ability.

Since the semester is just starting up, I luckily haven’t been inundated with work, so I’ve been able to relax a bit. I’ve been trying to come up with a few ideas of what to do to better use my time. Some ideas of mine are to try learning another language, a new instrument, or maybe learning to animate. For the time being, I’ve just been watching some Netflix and playing some video games, but I’m not complaining. Netflix just came out with “A Series of Unfortunate Events”, which I’ve been happily binge watching.

This past week has been pretty exciting. Earlier in the week, one of my classes, MCCS Studio, took a field trip to the Loring-Greenough house, which was a historic house built during the colonial period. It’s really interesting architecturally as well as seeing all of the ways its evolved since its first inhabitants.

Excitingly, I also got a tattoo on Friday the 13th. Some tattoo parlors offered a special $31 deal (which is apparently a Boston thing) and I decided to get inked. I actually love how my tattoo came out and am thinking about getting another… Don’t tell mom! (Just kidding! Remember, tattoos are permanent so make sure it’s something you want. Mine was in the planning stages for a while.)

On Sunday, a few of my friends and I took a trip to the New England aquarium. It was nice to get out of the dorms and into the city, and Wentworth actually offered us tickets at the info hub for only $10. I’d highly recommend the trip to anyone looking for something to do, it’s one of the many things you can do in Boston! Afterwards, we explored around the area a bit, adventuring into Fanueil Hall and the Boston Public market. It was pretty enjoyable just wandering around a bit and finding cool stuff.

All in all, I had a pretty exciting week. I’m off to call my parents and see how things are going on at home.

Here's the gang after our Aquarium trip!