Admissions with Wentworth

I finally got to start some training with admissions this week, and, by next fall, I will be an official Admissions Ambassador. This was one of the roles I applied for earlier this winter, and was accepted to just a couple weeks ago. Admissions Ambassadors are responsible for giving tours to prospective students and their families and answering any questions they might have during the course of the route.

We are some of the first Wentworth students that applying students will meet, so a lot rests on our shoulders. I know that much of my decision to attend Wentworth was made during a visit. Individually, the faculty had a greater effect on me than the students did. The thing that really drew me in, however, was the way that the math department interacted with students and prospective students.

On an event day, I went to tour with the applied math majors, just for kicks and giggles; I was already accepted into the computer science program at Wentworth and several other colleges. The group I was touring with only had 5 people, so I was able to take a careful look at everything. There were a couple math majors there to help out, and the relationship they had with the faculty was just outstanding. They could respect their teachers as humans, as mentors, and as superiors. I really think those things are necessary if a student is to get the most out of education, or even life in general.

Anyways, I really wanted what they had and I thought Wentworth could do that for me. I have been around the block in terms of schools, so I really know what I am looking for by now. And I have pretty much everything I want here, maybe a little more.

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