Midsummer Post

Since coming home in mid-April, most of my time has been spent trying to earn the money I will need to comfortably move into my off campus apartment for next year and for the trip I am planning for August. Shortly after coming back home to California I started working at a car dealership where I learned quite a bit about the automotive industry but once it became available, I moved on to a more traditional retail position closer to home for a more reliable paycheck. At this second position, I was also able to use more of what I had learned so far at Wentworth because I have to help customers design the lighting, furniture, and hardware of their homes. In researching for this position I was also asked to learn about a lot of the minutia surrounding the mechanics of door sets and lighting types. I am hoping that this knowledge will come in handy again once I am back at school as I know that we have a lighting project as upperclassmen.

Especially these last few weeks as work becomes a little more routine, I have been finding that I miss Boston and Taking classes at Wentworth more and more. While I am very satisfied with my working situation this summer, there is something about being at school and having several engaging design projects going at once that never gets old. I can’t wait until I have enough experience that I can get paid to do what we do at school.

On the 8th of August, after I have my last day of work on the 4th, One of my roommates from last year at Wentworth is coming to visit me for the rest of the month and after I show him the Bay Area where I live, we are going to do a week and a half trip to Yosemite and LA. It should be exciting because he hasn’t seen either and I haven’t been to the LA area in recent memory. Maybe my first post for next year can be about how that went.

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