3D Realization Big Blue Model

In 3D Realization which is my shop/model making class, we started our first major project in low density “blue foam” material. This is formed primarily on a hot wire cutter and by file/sandpaper. After doing some quick practice assignments we were tasked with choosing a small item and scaling it up tenfold with a partner. My partner and I chose to do my apartment keys because of their challenging jagged cutouts while still being a very recognizable item. We started by tracing the overall profile of the keys into illustrator from a picture we took. Then we scaled it up until it was 10 times as long as the actual keys. We took this path to the laser cutter and cut out some templates out of chipboard. At this point, we glued the templates to the foam and cut out the profiles on the wire cutter. Finally, we carved and sanded the negative cutouts of the key and inlaid or overlaid the lettering. I think our final product came out really well!

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