Dig IT Digital: 3D Printing the Past

Come see the Dig It Digital Exhibition in our library gallery on the 2nd floor. This exhibit explores Cypriot art and culture through scale 3D prints of artifacts recovered from tombs, settlements, and a religious sanctuary. Included in the exhibition are replicas of terracotta figurines, limestone sculptures, and utilitarian objects that together highlight Greek, Roman, Egyptian, and other influences on Cyprus’ distinctive material culture.


Dig It Digital

About the Exhibit and Wentworth’s connection

For over 10 years, Wentworth Assistant Professor of Humanities Jody Gordon has been working with the Athienou Archaeological Project (AAP) to uncover the secrets of Cyprus’ past. Like most archaeologists, he has excavated and recorded amazing artifacts using traditional tools, such as trowels, pickaxes, and notebooks. More recently, however, he has led the project’s conversion from paper-based recording methods to “paperless” ones using tablet computers, while his colleagues at Davidson College, Creighton University, and the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee have embraced the 3D printing techniques displayed here. Both innovative approaches have allowed our project to collect more accurate data, faster, and in cost-effective ways that are shedding new light on the past. The AAP team is collaborating to pioneer research methods that leverage technology to revolutionize how we understand the human experience.

Wentworth Assistant Professor Jody Gordon

Wentworth Assistant Professor Jody Gordon

The Athienou Archaeological Project (AAP) was founded in 1990 by Dr. Michael K. Toumazou of Davidson College, N.C. with the goal of excavating the ancient religious sanctuary of Malloura located in the heartland of the Mediterranean island of Cyprus. Since then, the project has brought together hundreds of students and specialists, including Wentworth Assistant Professor of Humanities, Jody Gordon, to share their skills and collaborate to better understand Cyprus’ ancient history. This exhibition utilizes the latest in 3D-printed technology to provide an overview of the types of amazing artifacts that have been unearthed at Malloura, from exquisite limestone statues of gods, to clay lamps and figurines.
The exhibition originally opened at Davidson College in 2015 and was curated by Kirsten Huffer, AAP Director, Dr. Michael K. Toumazou, and Davidson Museums’ Director, Lia Newman. Wentworth would like to thank these colleagues for their collaboration in organizing this fantastic and interactive exhibit.

Archaeology Meets Technology at Wentworth

On Friday, October 14 at 2PM, the Library will host “Archaeology Meets Technology at Wentworth,” which will highlight how technology impacts the practice and interpretive value of archaeology, reviewing findings from a 2015 workshop and subsequent paper on the topic specifically addressing mobile computing and digital archaeological workflow. Assistant Professor Jody Gordon will lead a discussion.

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