Lynda Learning is becoming LinkedIn Learning

If you use Lynda Learning through Wentworth you will see a change at the end of August. We will be upgrading Lynda Learning to LinkedIn Learning during the period between terms.

While the content will remain the same or similar the interface will be updated. When you log in after the upgrade, you will have the option to link to your LinkedIn account. If you link your account,  you will see course recommendations based on your LinkedIn Profile contents. In addition, when you complete courses you will be able to share this information on your LinkedIn profile.

For instructors using Lynda Learning content in Blackboard courses, links will need to be updated. Although LinkedIn is planning on having content redirects in place through the end of this year, instructors who copy content from term to term will need to update to the new URLs. We will proactively query Blackboard and find out what content is being used and request new URLs from LinkedIn so that we can work with instructors to update the links.

More information to come as we progress on this project.