Make course content easier to access!

Wouldn’t it be great if all of your students could easily access your course content in the ways that best fit how they learn? With a little effort and assistance, you can design your content so it can be read, listened to, and watched using different kinds of devices. This helps students who use assistive technology, commute, like to listen to content while doing something else, and are not native English speakers. The end result is the ability to learn anytime, anywhere.(image: image

Sign me up you say? Awesome, here’s how to get involved! The Digital Accessibility Committee offers working sessions, educational workshops, on-demand resources, and pilot opportunities:

  • Join your colleagues for working sessions to make course content easier for students to access – get hands on help and tips, sessions offered each term
  • Using Bb Learn? Join a pilot of a tool called Ally to scan your course content, get feedback on how accessible it is, learn how to make it even more accessible, and get support along the way. We’ll connect you to a test course to play with and enable Ally for your own course. The benefit to your students is being able to access your content using semantic html, audio, ePub, and electronic.
  • Using videos that you’d like to caption? Contact LIT for captioning assistance.
  • Do you like self-help resources? Visit this accessibility webpage and LibraryGuide that provides just in time resources.
  • The ICC fall 2019 updated syllabus template has accessibility features, discover what they are and learn how to easily edit the template while keeping your visual appeal.

Learn more about accessibility at Wentworth:

  • We know approximately 12% of Wentworth students disclose a diagnosed disability that is most likely invisible ( i.e learning, developmental, and psychiatric disabilities) and it is safe to assume many more students with diagnosed disabilities do not disclose due to concerns around stigma, it is essential that accessibility is built into course materials from the ground up. Learning about Universal Design for Learning is a great place to start!
  • Accessible Digital Content:  Wentworth is committed to continuous progress towards digital accessibility.  This fall continues the implementation of Ally, a tool in Bb Learn that scans content, provides feedback on how accessible the content is, gives tips on how to make improvements, and allows users to download more accessible versions of the content. Rollout continues in the Fall so join in and get involved!
  • Learn how to enhance student success using transparency in assignment purpose, task, and criteria   Increase student’s success!
  • Check out Ensuring Accessibility needs in our technology use to learn more about making accessible PDFs.
  • Wentworth Institute of Technology is committed to creating and fostering a working and learning environment where all members of the community can thrive.  To that end, we seek to provide you with the knowledge and resources to contribute to a community free from discrimination and violence.As a member of the Wentworth community, it is a priority for you to complete the Accommodating Disabilities self-paced training through Everfi.