New Grade Schema not calculating correctly?

If you routinely copy courses in Blackboard, you may find that although we corrected the grading schema in all fall term courses in August, your grades may not display correctly when using the WIT grading schemas. You may have a schema with the old grade equivalencies.

How can you get the grades to display correctly? You’ll need to remove the old schema(s).

  1. Navigate to the course in Blackboard that has been copied (or where you notice the letter grades don’t seem correct).
  2. Open the Full Grade Center.
  3. In the Full Grade Center, select Grade Schemas from the Manage Menu.
  4. From the Grade Schemas action menu, select Edit for the Schema you want to examine.
  5. In the Edit Schema Menu, examine the settings and determine if the schema is the old or new schema and then change the name or enter a description indicating which schema is old. In the example below the description is modified. Do not modify the name of the correct schema, it must remain “WIT Undergrad Letter” so the Banner Grade Submit tool recognizes it. If you have a Graduate course, the “WIT Undergrad Letter” Schema must still be in place. Do Not Delete the current undergrad schema.
  6. Save the schema. Repeat for any additional schemas.
  7. Back on the Manage Schemas page, select Delete from the Grade Schema action menu to remove old schema from your course. Remove any schema named “Letter” these predate the Banner integration and are not correct.
  8. Now the Banner Grade Submit should correctly display letter grades.

Here’s a pdf containing the steps with illustrations.