“Upgrade” time, again?

We’ll be updating our Blackboard system between Summer and Fall terms. On Friday, August 24th, 2018 starting at 8 PM Blackboard will upgrade our Blackboard Learn instance to the latest patch set for our version. We anticipate a major version upgrade over Winter Break.

What to expect from the update? No functionality has changed. Bugs have been fixed. Most of the bugs that were fixed impacted the system administration only one impacted users. When downloading the grade center to work offline the download was sometimes incomplete. This function has been fixed.

Other than the minor fixes, Blackboard will work as before. We’ll keep you posted about changes in the December upgrade. There are much anticipated features coming! (Hint: Instructors will have the ability to delete multiple columns from the grade center – easier clean up after a course copy!).

UPDATE about the Update: Last minute change, Box has provided an update to the inline grading tool allowing the download of annotated documents. We have decided to include this most recent update to allow students and faculty to download annotated documents. Read the blog post on this new feature.