Stakeholder Engagement Listening Sessions in preparation for Fiscal Year 2020

As Technology Services welcomed Vish Paradkar as our Vice President & Chief Information Officer, we took the opportunity to re-imagine the methodology we use to develop our capital budget outlook. A key tenet of this process was stakeholder engagement listening sessions.

This is time dedicated to both reflection on the past years partnered accomplishments as well as a chance to be forward thinking, preparing both our partners and us for the projects and challenges in the upcoming fiscal year.

We invited each stakeholder group to send representatives of their area to participate in an open format listening session with members of the Technology Services team.

A key component to the introduction of this conversation was the concept of “Imagine If.” Therein we asked each challenge to be addressed in a way that everyone could imagine the positive outcome of change focused on the issue at hand.

After completing each of the interview sessions, we have sent back the captured notes to each stakeholder group as well as prepared this summary for the campus community.

While not every discussion aligned with a theme, all were recorded and become part of our planning process.

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