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More to Reach For

Every year, there is a massive awards ceremony close to the end of the year, where students who did well or had a positive impact on the community are recognized. I was invited to the ceremony to receive the “Outstanding First Year Leadership Award.” The recognition was a great honor, giving me encouragement and motivation. As much as I loved receiving an award, I also liked being able to go to the ceremony and meet tons of prominent people in the Institute.

During the dinner before the ceremony, I met Provost Rich Hansen, and we chatted for a while. Because he was very knowledgeable and did not mind sharing, we mostly conversed about the school and faculty. Someone got a picture of him, my parents, and me altogether, and I got permission to use it in the blog, but it somehow never made it to me.

In the course of the ceremony, I got to see all of the other students who got awards too. All the ones I recognized were seniors and juniors, so I did not know most of the people receiving awards, but it was great seeing their proud, smiling faces receiving awards onstage. Some of the awards were for academic excellence, some for leadership, and some for service. Again, I must emphasize that there is so much to be had at Wentworth besides just graduation, and so much that you can do for the people around you than just study.

I did manage a picture with President Pantić, and that was cool. She had a couple hundred other people fighting for her attention, so I did not get to talk to her as much as I talked to the provost.

The President and Myself

The President and Yours Truly