Al Shawaf Family Terrace Construction Update – August 8, 2019

Construction on the Al Shawaf Family Terrace has officially begun!

Upcoming construction schedule:

  • August 7 – August 9: Remove Millwork from Storefronts
  • August 9 – August 13: Mechanical piping modifications
  • August 14: Demolish west storefronts
  • August 15: Demolish west curb and east storefronts
  • August 16: Demolish east curb
  • August 16 – August 19: Install west storefronts
  • August 19 – August 20: Install east storefronts and enable floor box relocation
  • August 20 – August 21: Roofing tie-in to west storefront
  • August 21 – August 22: Roofing tie-in to east storefront

Activities to note that would affect normal operations for the week of August 12th:

  • Washing on north and west facades: Boom lifts will be coned off to separate from the public. At entrances to the building signs will be posted to caution public.
  • Piping modifications on level 2. AC units will need to be shut down in the contained area.
  • Demolition of existing storefronts may cause loud noises on the second floor of the library.