If the path from the quad to Huntington Ave. feels wider these days, that’s because it is. The “Pike Pathway Extension” was constructed over three weeks last summer, the culmination of three years’ worth of planning.

21578647803_554ffba532_oThe completed work widens the space that begins at Beatty Hall, runs along the west side of the West Parking Lot between Kingman Hall and the Mass. Water Resources Authority property, before ending at Huntington Avenue.

The new path creates approximately 3,500 square feet for pedestrians, bikes, and skateboards to pass through. It is also enhanced by new concrete paving, lighting, and planting beds filled with trees, bushes, and perennials.

“It allowed us to straighten and widen the previous path for better maneuverability,” says David Aguiar, director of planning and construction. “And it allows better access for grounds equipment used for general maintenance and plowing during the winter season.”

—Greg Abazorius