Innovative Dwellings: Case Studies in Multi-Unit Housing – Sophomore Architecture Exhibit

Innovative Dwellings exhibit dates

Visitors to the Guarracino Family Gallery are peeking through the windows and doorways of models — and gently leafing through hand-crafted books — in the current exhibit which showcases precedent studies completed by sophomore architecture students in their Fall 2019 Arch 2000 studio course, led by studio faculty Ignacio Cardona, Daniel Daou, Meliti Dikeos, Luis Flores, Juan Pablo Ugarte, Lora Kim, Michelle Hobbs, Margarita Iglesia, and Sam Maddox.

In groups of three or four, students researched, analyzed, and constructed – in drawings and physical models – a selected precedent.  Then, they summarized and compiled the information in a hand-crafted booklet. The work was completed in one week.

Students analyzed residential typologies that celebrate the interplay between how one lives, works, and creates, both individually and collectively. By studying programmatic relationships, site organization, spatial composition, and material expression, students were prompted to question their understanding of residential architecture and imagine the potential of new housing typologies.

Through this investigation, viewers will be able to see how architects have challenged themselves with the concept of what it means to dwell.

Following the exhibition and lessons learned from the precedent study, students will design a Faculty-in-Residence and Gallery Space for the School of Museum of Fine Arts, in Boston, MA.

The exhibit is open to the public during regular Library hours and will be on view October 18 through December 5, 2019.  Please join us for a reception  on October 25, 2019 at 4:00 p.m. in the Schumann Library.

Here are slides that introduce the exhibit:


These slides are examples of the precedent analysis from the hand-crafted books on display:


We encourage you to browse the display of topical books from the Schumann Library that accompany the exhibit:

Broto, Carles. Apartment Buildings: Plan Atlas. Barcelona: Links, 2013.

Firley, Eric and Caroline Stahl. The Urban Housing Handbook. Chichester: Wiley, 2009.

Grimley, Chris. Archive: Design Biennial Boston. Boston: pinkcomma books, 2013.

Lapuerta, José María de. Collective Housing. Barcelona: Actar, 2007.

Sumner, Yuki. New Architecture in Japan. London: Merrell, 2010.

Webb, Michael. Building Community: New Apartment Architecture. London: Thames and Hudson, 2017.

Zoller, Doris. Herausforderung Erdgeschoss: Ground Floor Interface. Berlin: Jovis, 2014.

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