Innovation by Design: 10 Years of Graduate Architecture at Wentworth – CEIS Showcase Exhibit

MArch promotional slide with dates of exhibit

“Innovation by Design,” the  new exhibit in the Center for Engineering, Innovation and Sciences (CEIS)’ Showcase, coincides with the 10th anniversary celebration of the M.Arch program, the first graduate program at the Institute.  The M.Arch program paved the way for subsequent graduate programs, which in turn contributed to Wentworth’s achievement of University status.

The exhibit celebrates ten years of graduate architectural education at Wentworth. Highlighting creative work of students and alumni/ae from the past decade, the exhibition suggests how the strengths of the Master of Architecture degree program continue to shape Wentworth’s future, as well as the future of the architectural profession.

Architectural education has a long history at Wentworth, dating back to the founding of the Institute in 1904. The early associate degree in Architectural Engineering Technology (AET) program was succeeded by the Bachelor of Science in Architectural Engineering Technology (BAET) program in 1972, and by the Bachelor of Architecture (B.Arch) in 1992. In 2009, in keeping with increasing professionalization of the field, Wentworth’s five-year B.Arch program was restructured as a four-year pre-professional Bachelor of Science in Architecture degree (B.S.Arch) and a professional Master of Architecture degree (M.Arch).

The two-phased structure of Wentworth’s architecture programs allows each to capitalize on its strengths.

The undergraduate program provides a solid foundation curriculum in architectural design, technology, history, theory, and practice – including two semesters of cooperative work experience.

The graduate program continues and expands the focus on experiential learning with two defining features: international study/travel and the thesis program. Travel studios prepare graduate students to address complex design challenges in diverse cultural contexts. The master’s thesis is structured as a nine-month independent design project that inculcates critical thinking through a series of fall seminars and a spring thesis design reviewed by a jury of academic and professional experts.

The show incorporates architectural models, drawings, images, video, and other digital and physical artifacts emphasizing the creative work of the past decade of the M.Arch program.

The installation is organized around five themes: 1) innovative quality of design work, particularly when the work has received outside recognition; 2) interdisciplinary work, including examples of collaboration with other Wentworth departments; 3) community-engaged work, reflecting our commitment to the City of Boston and its neighborhoods; 4) work highlighting the deep diversity of our community; and 5) global engagement (e.g. designbuild work in Bénin and Bali).

Students whose work is on display:

Lamia Almuhanna (B.S.Arch ’17, M.Arch ’18), Lisa Angulo (B.S.Arch’15, M.Arch ’16), Aline Antunes (B.S.Arch ’18, M.Arch ’19), Kylie Barnes (B.S.Arch’18, M.Arch ’19), Christopher Battaglia (B.S.Arch ’13), Artem Batuyev B.S.Arch ’17, M.Arch ’18), Mohammed Binsahal (M. Arch ’18), Dario Boyce (B.S.Arch ’15, M.Arch ’16), Sean Brennan (B.Arch ’09, M.Arch ’10), Robert Carney (B.S.Arch ’15, M.Arch ’16), Lane Couture (B.S.Arch ’20), Dominic Dijamco (M.Arch ’17), Neal Dossantos (B.S.Arch ’15, M.Arch ’16), Austin Drake (B.S.Arch ’17, M.Arch ’18), Felipe Francisco (B.S.Arch ’15, M.Arch ’16), Islam Faisal, Aiden French (B.S.Arch ’21), Brendan Galinauskas (B.S.Arch ’14, M.Arch ’15), Eamon Garrity (B.S.Arch ’21), Angela Grant (B.S.Arch ’20), Jason Hasko (B.S.Arch ’17, M.Arch ’18), Seth Hopewell (B.S.Arch ’14), Bennet Hulverson (B.S.Arch ’22), Jacob Hyde (B.S.Arch ’18, M.Arch ’19), Nathan Karlsen B.S.Arch ’20), Benjamin Lauzier (B.S.Arch ’18, M.Arch ’19), Steve Lemanski (B.S.Arch ’11, M.Arch ’12), Paula McKane (B.S.Arch ’15, M.Arch ’16), Morgan Miller (B.S.Arch ’17, M.Arch ’18), Michelle Morsicato (B.S.Arch ’18, M.Arch ’19), Matthew Mulligan (B.S.Arch  ’14, M.Arch ’15), Zackery Nicholson (B.S.Arch ’14, M.Arch ’15), Son Nguyen (BINT ’17, M.Arch ’20), Virginia Ofer (B.S.Arch ’15, M.Arch ’16), Akimitsu Ogura (B.Arch ’06), Kyle Ozycz (M.Arch ’19), Alegria Paez, B.S.Arch ’20), Vrajesh Patel (B.S.Arch ’18, M.Arch ’19), Zach Pechulis (B.S.Arch ’17, M.Arch ’18), Frederick Pendleton (B.S.Arch ’18, M. Arch ’19), Cameron Pierce (B.S.Arch ’11, M.Arch ’12), Anthony Polukin (B.S.Arch ’18 M.Arch ’19), Weverson Ponte (B.S.Arch ’14, M.Arch ’15), Justin Powers (B.Arch ’09, M.Arch ’10), Steven Prestejohn B.S.Arch ’15, M.Arch ’16, Kevin Roche B.S.Arch ’11 M.Arch ’19, Olivia Ryan BSA ’19), Collin Sabin (BSA ’18, M.Arch ’18), Nereyado Santos (BSA ’14, M.Arch ’15), Mykaela Scarpace B.S.Arch ’17, M.Arch ’18), Andrew Serfling (B.S.Arch ’13, M.Arch ’14), Micaila Sheridan B.S.Arch ’17, M.Arch ’18), Danielle Sukovich (B.S.Arch ’18, M.Arch ’19), Paul Szczombrowski (B.S.Arch ’17, M.Arch ’18), Zach Talmadge (B.S.Arch ’14, M.Arch ’15), Nathan Thomas (B.S.Arch ’14, M.Arch ’15), Nate Villemaire (B.S.Arch ’17 M.Arch ’18), Nate Violette (B.S.Arch ’20), Alexa Wallert (B.S.Arch ’15, M.Arch ’16), Brian Wright (B.Arch ’06), and Sarah Young (B.S.Arch ’20).

Many thanks to the exhibit team for creating a display that gladdens from the exterior or the interior of the CEIS building:

Scott March Smith, Adjunct Professor, Antonio Furgiuele, Associate Professor, Michael Bair (BSA ’20),  Alexander Fortin (BSA ‘20), Angus MacLeod (BSA ‘20), and Son Nguyen, (BINT ’19, M.Arch ‘20).

The exhibit is free and open to the public during regular hours and will be on view through January 10, 2020.

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