It All Adds Up: Wentworth’s Additive Manufacturing Printing Technologies

“It All Adds Up,” the current exhibit in the CEIS Showcase, celebrates the technical capabilities of the Additive Manufacturing Center (AMC) here at Wentworth Institute of Technology. Since Professor Peter Rourke, ME, brought the first 3D printer to campus in the late 90s, students and faculty have been keen to expand the envelope of possibility with these machines.

Over the last twenty years, access to the technology has grown to encompass the entire campus, enhancing the visualization, prototyping, and fabrication needs for our students and faculty across all disciplines.

Take a look at the timeline of 3D printing (courtesy of Mechanical Engineering Magazine) adapted to include Wentworth’s contribution to the field:


Special Thanks to the Exhibit Team for putting it all together:
Ryan Bakinowski — Mechanical Engineering
Michael Jackson — Mechanical Engineering
Brie A. Dumont — Industrial Design
Jeff Michael — Industrial Design
Sam Montague — Industrial Design
Rhonda Postrel — Schumann Library
Colin Powers — Industrial Design
Robert Trumbour — Architecture
Edith Waldsmith — Facilities
Megan Wiles — Industrial Design Simon Williamson — Industrial Design

Wentworth is currently closed due to the COVID-19 virus pandemic. Please stay tuned for additional information about the exhibit when the Institute reopens. Questions? Contact